Hello all! If you are seeing this you either found this through links on my new books or redirected from the old websites I uploaded the comics to. I would like to celebrate launching this site with the launch of issue #2! I had to break down and learn to make this site all on my own since I for year just could not find anyone willing to help me put my site together regardless of all the artwork created and separated for it to be plugged in. Guess you gotta do what you gotta do.

I really hope you guys enjoy this series! The second issue was a rough one as I did the majority of it alone as far as the artwork. I do know now that I will have to hire some help before I begin the 3rd issue. For that I will be hitting up more local conventions and opening a store so I can save money to keep this bad boy going!

Again thank you all for continuing to support me and this comic. There have been many times where the urge to call it quits has flew over my head but I keep pushing on to give more to the horror/ fantasy fandom!