Diego Soto
Team Leader/ Necromancer

Despite the fact that he’s a dead man walking Diego is very kind and honest. He is also shy and very quiet, being self-conscious that he has no flesh. He dresses to mostly hide his current features.

Jennifer Yun
Team Member/ Fire Elemental

Jennifer is very good-natured and enthusiastic. She loves physically challenging obstacles and constantly encourages people she is close to. She is also very strong which is something she often forgets. Jase is her childhood friend.

Jase Rivers
Team Member / Water Elemental

Jase isn’t really a bully, he just puts on a show; his dorkiness shows through a lot. He can be a pain for not thinking before taking action or speaking sometimes and almost annoys Diego with is crazy and questionable antics. It’s hard to take Jase seriously sometimes but he is physically the strongest of the team. He is also the childhood friend of Jennifer.

Coming Soon!
Team Member

Who will be the forth person to fit this role? Find out later!